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Stanzatek Solutions, A Bangalore based software and technology startup focuses on creating software and hardware products useful for multiple industries.
Stanzatek Solutions is also the winner of Elevate 2018 award from Govt of Karnataka ,India.

Web Technologies

We develop web applications using various web technologies like PHP, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, JSON, XML and JavaScript

Cloud Solutions

We work on cloud ready applications and is customer friendly. Cloud based solutions for various industries is our forte.

Hardware Solutions

Integration of digital, analog and power electronics with software technologies using various means is Stanzatek's core strength.

Custom Softwares

At Stanzatek Solutions we are capable of delivering the desired blend of electronics and software to customer needs for any industry.


Our team of young and energetic engineers form the core of the company. The team consists of electronics engineers and software professionals with in-depth knowledge and hands on experience in various projects and technologies.

We beleive in..

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

– Henry Ford

Our Approach
At Stanzatek Solutions we specialize in integrating software and hardware technologies into useable format. We are capable of delivering software products on Web, Windows, Linux and Android platforms plus integrating them with hardware sensors and custom hardware designs.

We offer flexible solutions for various verticals and industries

Enhancing Productivity Metrics - The most affordable staff productivity tracking tool on internet

Enhanced Productivity Metrics

When companies track time, productivity increases. They uncover the users wasting time and resource of the company. Employers can expect full potential from their employees during office hours.

Mailer Champ - The bulk mailing software with free mail tracker

Mailer Champ

Mailer Champ email marketing software is an efficient bulk mailing tool. Send personalized emails to your contacts with 1 year free subscription of mail tracking.

Manage Plus - The all in one cloud application with contacts, events, membership and email campaign tracking.

Manage Plus

An effective cloud platform application with the event management, membership management, email marketing, Contacts management, finance.


Stanzatek Solutions

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Stanzatek Solutions LLP
NASSCOM 10K Warehouse,
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Bangalore, INDIA.
P1 : +91 (0)74066 67888

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Stanzatek Solutions LLP
is associated and incubated in
NASSCOM startup warehouse
at Bangalore, INDIA.

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