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Manage Plus

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Manage Plus

Manage Plus - Is an cloud based solution from Stanzatek Solutions LLP which gives your organization or association the much needed automation features such as

  • Contacts database management
  • Events management
  • Membership management
  • Email campaigns management
  • Membership finance management
  • Manage Plus

    Contacts Database Management

    Centralize your organization's contacts repository.

    Manage Plus is the efficient and simplest method to organize the contacts information of your organization in a centralized repository.

    You can gather, group, sort and search for any contacts in a single click using the advanced organic search capability of Manage Plus.

    Now you have the easy way to stay in touch with your contacts and have a effective outreach.

    Manage Plus

    Events Management

    Manage the complete lifecycle of events conducted by your organization easily.

    Manage Plus helps you design and create events notification and can host them online in jiffy. With Manage Plus you can add the details like event dates, time, venue, speakers details, agenda easily.

    Event registration option is a plus for getting possible attendance of the events. Your events are online instantly! Simply share the url shown in the settings panel via email for your contacts.


    Membership management

    Manage Plus gives you the easiest way to digitally manage the memberships for your association or organization.

    You can manage the membership directory and track the renewal period in a simple interface. Automated alerts of upcoming renewals keeps you in track of the membership status.

    Tightly bound to the finance module also, Membership management option gives you the technology edge of managing your esteemed members and their profiles.

    Manage Plus

    Email campaigns management

    Effective personalized communication with members and contacts using emails are crucial any organization or association's functionality.

    Manage Plus is bundled with a desktop bulk mail shooter application paired closely with you cloud based account. Sending personalized mails to your contacts is easy now!

    Track your email campaigns and newsletters with data analysis in one screen. Anyone can send professional looking emails using our WYSIWYG editor easily.

    Manage Plus

    Membership finance management

    With Manage Plus you can manage creation of invoices, send the invoices to members, handle the incoming payments have a close track on finances and revenue.

    Centralized payment tracking and all details in one place. You can keep yourself updated on all online and offline payments with automated reporting and tracking.

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    Manage Plus Cloud Pricing

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    Contact Management System 7 $
    Bulk Email Management System 7 $
    Membership Management System 7 $
    Membership Fee Management System 7 $
    Events Management System 7 $
      Total   0  $
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